Rise of younger consumers shopping at butcher shops

People want to buy the best products all the time.In the meat industry there is a labour shortage because the industry wants experienced butcher.It is necessary to utilize the flexibility, dexterity and judge the meat quality.It is difficult to automate.Since people always wants good looking, fresh meat due to that reason the industry want experienced butcher.Some position must need skilled butcher/labor and the industry can’t find the skilled/experienced butcher/labor always so there is always a labor shortage.To solve this problem the industry try to give free training and hands on experience to those people who wants to come the meat industry.

Best organic food

We provide the best organic meat.since experts say that cows that eat green grass give the best meat test with incredible fat placement.

So from a customer perspective we feed green grass to our animals and provide them fresh and organic food.

  • 85% lean ground chuck
  • Beef sirloin burgers
  • Oakville tiger stick
  • Short ribs

How to select good meat?

When buying meat and poultry, it’s critical to utilize your faculties of touch, smell and sight. Continuously ensure the meat is firm to the touch, and watch that the bundling doesn’t have any tears, openings or over the top measures of fluid. It ought to likewise be cold to the touch and have no smell. Here are more explicit subtleties for meat and poultry. Meat color must be red or near the red if that’s not then there is something wrong.

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